Special Education in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa & all of Orange County, CA.

Letter to Parents

       I have been an Educational Consultant and Resource Specialist with The Newport- Mesa Unified School District for ten years, facilitating over 500 S.S.T. and I.E.P. meetings. I can assist you, your child and the teacher(s) to get the best educational program aligned with your child’s educational needs and his/her style of learning. I currently consult and advocate for families with special needs children by interacting with teachers, special education staffs, principals, psychologists, psychiatrists, and attorneys. Educators need to become more skilled at matching each student’s individual academic profile to a school or program which addresses his or her unique learning style, interest, talents, and gifts. By identifying the appropriate educational programs and resources, accommodations and modifications can then be implemented to fit the needs of each student. There are simply no disabled students, only disabled teaching methods. Please contact me if I can assist you or your child. 

Special Education Terms and Practices

I.D.E.A.- Individual with Disabilities Education Act – Federal Law 

F.A.P.E. - A Free Appropriate Public Education in a Least Restrictive Environment 

SECTION 504 - A written 504 Plan describing the modifications and accommodations that will be implemented, including services for your child.   If the student’s impairment limits the student’s learning process, and does not qualify for an I.E.P., a 504 plan is indicated.   

I.E.P. – If your child has a disabling condition as defined in I.D.E.A. and an adverse impact on his/her education, a written Individual Educational Plan is indicated to fit the needs of your child’s learning style. The I.E.P. is created through a team effort and reviewed periodically.    

Criteria for Eligibility Based on a Learning Disability
     The student must be eligible based on a learning disability and has a severe discrepancy between their ability and achievement. See Below. 

List of Learning Disabilities


Blindness Deafness 

Emotional Disturbance 

Hearing Impaired 

Mental Retardation 

Multiple Disabilities 

Orthopedic Impairment 

Other Health Impaired - Including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Physical Illnesses etc.

Specific Learning Disability - Auditory Processing, Visual Motor Processing etc.

Speech and Language Impairment 

Traumatic Brain Injury Visual Impairment 

Other Learning Disabilities

Oral Expression 

Listening Comprehension 

Written Expression 

Basis Reading Skills 

Reading Comprehension 

Mathematical Calculation or Mathematics Reasoning