Special Education in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa & all of Orange County, CA.

Educational Therapy Defined

Educational Background and Training

Regular Education K-12 

Special Education K-12 Resource Specialist   

Special Day Class Leader 

Development of Learning Centers 

Remedial Reading Program 

Phonemic Awareness Program 

I.E.P. and S.S.T. Leader and Facilitator   

Speech and Language Training 

Psychology Classes – Early Education 

Advocacy and Consultant 

Art Education – Art Therapy 

Inclusion Specialist 

Independent Study Program Specialist 

Special Education Curriculum – Modifications and Accommodations 

Domains of Educational Therapy

Private Practice 

Private and Public Schools – Creator of Learning Centers 

Client Issues

Learning Disabilities 


Non-Verbal Learning Disorder 

Reading, Writing, and Math Difficulties 

Attention Deficit Disorder 

Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome 

Language Processing Disorder 

Visual Motor or Auditory Processing Disorder 

Poor Motivation 

Low Academic Self-Esteem 

Poor Organizational and Study Skills 

School and Test Anxiety 

Poor Social 

Skills School Placement and Retention 

Core Principles of the Practice of Educational Therapy

Deal directly with the social and emotional aspects that impact learning 

Foster trust, honesty, and mutual respect with the client and family 

Respect issues of confidentiality 

Understand principles of case management and collaborate to set goals 

Become a positive role model 

Parental support 

Educational Skills and Treatment Goals

Recognizing the presenting problems of the underlying learning issues 

Synthesizing information from other specialists, teachers, parents, caregivers and the client Interpreting assessment data 

Consulting and collaborating with other specialist to identify additional needed services 

Adapting the treatment plan as needed 

Case Management

Understanding the learning issues related to the school and home 

Classroom and home observations 

Promoting partnership and collaboration amongst all relevant parties 

Developing parents’ advocacy skills 

Providing a safe environment for client and parents 

Negotiate modifications and accommodations of programs when necessary 

Use tact and diplomacy to best serve the clients 

There are no disabled students, only disabled teaching tools

Lynda Zussman